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Outage Information

As your power supplier, Morgan County Rural Electric Association strives to provide uninterrupted electrical service to its members. Unfortunately, unplanned outages occur due to unpredictable acts of nature such as severe weather, animal interference, broken tree limbs, or fire. Human error, such as vehicular accidents and out-of-control weed burning can also cause power interruption.

Please report all outages to MCREA. When outages of any kind occur, MCREA makes every effort to restore power to its consumer-members as quickly as possible.

  • MCREA 24 Hours Service: (970) 867-5688. 
  • In Colorado, but outside the local calling area please use: (800) 867-5688.
  • Members may also report an outage via text message.  Please check with our office to make sure we have your cell phone number in our current database before outage texting can be activated.  Once you have verified that MCREA has your cell phone number, simply click here to get signed up for the outage texting service. 

When calling the above numbers, please try to provide the following information:

  • Your 8 digit meter number, this can be found on the face of your meter and your monthly bill
  • Your account number, this can be found on your billing statement
  • A service description, this can also be on your bill. If you don't have one designated, please contact the office and we will get that information added to your account.

In the event of a planned outage, MCREA makes a reasonable effort to contact affected members prior to the outage. For that reason, it is important that you keep your contact information current in our office (telephone numbers and secondary contact person).

If any member of your household depends on life-sustaining equipment, we recommend that you contact us so that your name can be added to our present list. We also recommend:

  • obtaining back-up equipment to operate the life-sustaining equipment and
  • installing an alarm to awaken someone in case an outage occurs at night.

Both accidental damage and vandalism occur each year to MCREA (your) property. Shooting insulators, burning weeds resulting in pole damage, meter tampering, and tree trimming that breaks the line can all result in safety hazards and costly maintenance efforts. Please be careful and protective of your electric utility system. 

In the event you experience an interruption to your power, please do the following:

  • Check your fuses or circuit breakers in your building and on the meter pole.
  • Check with your neighbors; are their lights off?
  • Call the MCREA 24-hour telephone number (970) 867-5688 (outside the calling area but still in Colorado, you may use (800) 867-5688) to report the outage. Your meter number is helpful information.
  • Once you have reported the outage, leave a light switch on so you will know when the power is restored.
  • Stay away from downed power lines. Trained electric crews will take care of them.
  • Turn on your battery powered radio to listen for news concerning power outages and weather warnings.
  • Keep emergency supplies handy such as candles, matches, flashlights, and water.
  • Refrigerator and freezer doors should be kept closed as much as possible. If electricity is out more than 12 hours, these appliances can be insulated with blankets to maintain cold temperatures as long as possible.
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